After The Storm – Draining Pool a Bit and Invention

We have been getting hammered with rain storms. Our EasySet pool has collected, at least, an extra 6 inches of water.

Warning: Keep your water level below the top ring or you risk the whole pool collapsing and losing all your water!

Here’s how I removed some dirt from the pool and lowered our water level at the same time.

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Intex EasySet 18×48 Pool Installation

It’s year FIVE for our pool. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! Here’s our installation video.

The trick to keep your pool from getting holes/cracks and staying clean is to know what to do and to use the proper accessories/products.

Here’s a list of everything for my pool. Before I started doing it this way my pool was a mess. Now, I spend almost no time maintaining the pool and it stays crystal clear.

My Pool:
* Intex EasySet Pool – 18 x 48 – (
* Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 2500 GPH Pump Flow Rate, 110-120V with GFCI ( WORTH EVERY PENNY!
* HTH Super 3″ Chlorinating Tablets (
* Swimline Large Capacity Floating Chlorine Dispenser (
* Intex 59905E Type B Pool Filter Cartridge (6-Pack) (
* Intex Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit for Above Ground Pools (
* Intex Basic Pool Cleaning Kit (

EasySet Pool Installation Tips:
1. Start with a LEVEL clean surface (no rocks or debris)
2. Place a tarp on the area and under your pool
3. Clean the pool out of any dirt that may be on it
4. Spread the pool out completely and start filling it with garden hose.
5. Work out wrinkles while filling it with the garden hose (after a couple of inches of water you won’t be able to remove wrinkles!)
6. Use 2 3″ Chlorine tablets (see above) at all times (for a 18×48 pool)
7. Clean the filter once per week.
8. Use the hose to clean off the filter and reuse it – I do at least 2 times before replacing with a new one.
9. Run the pump every night for at least 7 hours.

This will take you a good 15 minutes a week. YES, that is it!

Thanks for watching and have fun!