1. Thank you so much for this website! We just purchased the same 18 foot pool and I have been reading and re-reading the information you posted.

    We plan to set up our pool this weekend…we have leveled the ground, we have the 2500gph pump arriving soon and all the other supplies. However, I had a question about what you do initially to the water before you can swim. Our municipal water system does not deliver so we will just be filling it with the hose. Once filled, is there some “initializing process” that needs to be done or do you just put the floating chlorine dispenser in with the tablets? Can you swim first and then put the dispenser in overnight? I have read about so many other chemicals that deal with calcium and free chlorine vs total chlorine etc… Can you share some additional details about your water treatment process? Thanks!


    1. Hi Josh,

      Since the water is from your public water system it’s already treated so you should be able to just jump in (assuming your public water is like mine). I usually put 2 tablets in the floater on day 1 and check them weekly. There’s no need to treat the pool before you swim.. it’s the same water that you’d take a shower with in the house. Honestly, I’ve been most successful with just using 2 tablets.. and that’s it. I check it weekly, when it gets down to 1 tablet I’ll put another one in. I have the 18×48 pool.

      Have fun!


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