Easy Set Pool Weekly Maintenance

There is no question that the most annoying thing about owning a pool is the never ending maintenance that is involved. Luckily for you, if you bought the Intex Easy Set pool the maintenance will be very low.

It took me a few years to finally simplify the process. For years, I hated maintaining our pool. It was a major pain and seemed like every time I turned around I had to buy something. My maintenance plan is now simple and hardly costs anything.

Background On My Pool

Each year I pull our pool out of storage, clean it and get the water started with a few inches of water. Then I have a water truck bring in water to fill the rest of the pool. Water trucks usually don’t have enough water to fill it completely so I’ll top it off with the hose as well. (Check the pool installation page for more information on pool installation and setup.)

2 Things to note:

  • I have public water
  • The water truck brings water from the same public water system

I mention this because your water could be very different. If you have public water then your water will most likely be like mine. If you get your water from a well then your water could and very well may be different. If you plan on filling up your pool using well water then test your water first.

How To Test Your Water

The only way to know if your water is suitable for your pool is to test it. You have 2 choices. You can take a sample of your water to the local pool store and have them test it or you can buy a kit and test it yourself. I recommend buying the kit. You’ll need it anyway.

> Click here to see the kit I use and recommend <<

If your water is like mine it will have no chlorine and the alkalinity (pH) will be exactly where it needs to be. If your pH is way off then I would recommend having water delivered. The water they deliver will be good from the start. Starting with good water is a must. It cost us about $140 to fill our pool. It took about 10 minutes.

Now we can assume that we’re starting with good water so let’s move on to maintaining clear pool water all summer long. This is what I do to maintain our Intex Easy Set Pool.

Daily Pool Maintenance

When you think of having to do something everyday to maintain a pool it can be overwhelming. Luckily for this pool there is very little to do. The good news is you can get a kid to do the same thing. Whoever is swimming in the pool can do the daily maintenance.  Keep in mind that the more you swim in the pool the better! That helps keep algae and any other junk from attaching to the pool and growing.

Tools needed for daily maintenance:

  1. Leaf/Debris skimmer tool
  2. Yourself

Yes, that’s it. Like I said this pool is easy to maintain and it doesn’t cost a fortune to own and use. Here are the steps you need to do maintain your pool. If you skip a day that’s fine. The idea is to stay on top of it so that you don’t have the difficult “job” of getting your water back in shape.

What you should do (almost) every day to maintain your pool:

  1. Clean any leaves/debris out of the pool with the Leaf skimmer.
  2. Clean out the Easy Set Deluxe skimmer if it collected any leaves or debris.
  3. Release any air in the pump by loosening the top until water comes out. I’ve just got in a habit of doing this. If there is air in the system it will make the pump work harder than it needs to and it won’t work as well. The Intex Easy Set 18×48 pool comes with a 1,500 gallon pump which has worked well for me but you might consider the Intex 2,500 gallon pump if you can afford it. That is the max size recommended by Intex for this pool.
  4. Do a quick look to make sure everything looks fine with the pool. I have 4 kids so I know things can get crazy so I just do a quick spot check around the pool to make sure nothing is out of order. If the water is looking a bit cloudy I’ll also check the filter. I’ll explain more on checking the filter below in the Weekly Pool Maintenance section.

That is all I do. Not every day but most days. Honestly, you really only need to do #1 and #2 but it takes hardly any time at all to do all 4. If the kids are swimming in the pool then they are probably putting sunblock on. They can do these steps while they wait for the sunblock to dry on their skin.

TIP: Stay out of the pool until sunblock is dry. SPF lotion will cloud up your pool quickly and it will shorten the life of your pool’s water filter. Apply sunblock and wait 15 minutes. Do your daily maintenance while you’re waiting.

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Again, I have an Intex Easy Set 18×48 pool. It’s the largest Easy Set you can get so there is more to maintain. Let me tell you again. It is so easy to maintain this pool. I was frustrated with every pool we have had in the past. Even with this pool I was frustrated until I got the system down. Now, I actually enjoy taking care of the pool. It’s easy to enjoy something when the results are good!

Weekly maintenance is almost a joke in that there is hardly anything to do. It can be frustrating, as I said, if you don’t know what to do. Here’s what I do every week. Sometimes it’s 10 days. Sometimes it’s 2 weeks.

Weekly Maintenance Plan

1. Check the water filter and clean it

  • Turn off the pump
  • Turn the incoming and outgoing valves at the pool counter clockwise to shut the water off that flows between the pool and the pump
  • Loosen the top middle of the pump (same one you used to release the air in daily pool maintenance)
  • Unscrew the top of the pump and take out filter
  • Use the hose to clean the filter off. I do this by going row by row on the filter. It takes about 5 minutes. It will save you from buying a new filter. I use each filter for about a month. Intex recommends replacing the filter every 2 weeks. It’s not necessary but it’s up to you.
  • Important – Dump the water out of the pump. Usually it’s dirty and may have some debris. Just dump it all out.
  • Replace the filter, Screw the top on but leave the middle air hole unscrewed for now.
  • Open the valve for the water line on the LEFT of the pump. Pick up the hose to get the water started.
  • Open the value for the water line on the RIGHT of the pump. Pick up the hose to get the water started.
  • Once water is coming out of the top of the filter without any air pockets then hand tighten it.

2. Unscrew the skimmer attachment and clean out the intake

  • Detach the skimmer from the skimmer hose adapter.
  • Get your leaf skimmer.
  • Unscrew the hose attachment and use the leaf skimmer to grab any debris that may have collected at the intake.
  • Use your hand and grab any hair/debris on the intake. Once cleaned  you can attach the hose adapter and connect the skimmer again.

3. Use the leaf skimmer to clean the bottom of the pool

This is the most difficult part of owning a pool. Vacuuming the bottom is a major chore and there is no easy way to vacuum it. The hose gets in the way and it’s not designed to remove the debris easily. I have come up with a very simple easy solution that works excellent. Leaves and debris usually collect on the bottom along the seams of the pool. Use the technique below to get it out.

  • Take your leaf skimmer and run it along the bottom of the pool over the debris on the bottom. Do a 3 foot section at a time.
  • Do a figure 8. Turn the leaf skimmer around and scoop up the debris. This will get the bigger pieces that the pump isn’t able to handle.


Vacuum your Intex EasySet Pool

4. Check the water chlorine and the alkalinity (pH) levels

You’ll need to buy a water test kit each year. The testing solutions are only reliable for a season. Each kit includes enough solution for 100 tests. The test is cheap so it’s worth it.

Note: Avoid using the test strips. They are almost always wrong. If any water/humidity gets on them the results will be inaccurate. 

  • Submerge the plastic test kit into the water at least 12 inches
  • Add 5 drops of the solution to their test sides
  • Put the lid on and shake briefly
  • Check the levels

Our pH levels have not changed at all for the entire summer. Our chlorine level has however.  When our chlorine levels go low I’ll add another chlorine tablet to the chlorine skimmer dispenser. For our pool I need to keep two 3-inch chlorine tablets in the dispenser at all times. This keeps our pool crystal clear.

Best way to chlorinate your Intex EasySet pool

Tip: Do not put chlorine tablets in your pool skimmer. As the chlorine tablets break apart they’ll be sucked into your pump. This will reduce the life of your pump and waste your chlorine tablets.

That’s it!  That’s all I do every 7-10 days. Honestly, it took me a lot longer to type this up than it takes me to do our weekly pool maintenance.

What you need to maintain your pool