About Me

Hi Guys,

I created this site and my YouTube channel for the sole reason that there really wasn’t any “real” help out there for my Intex EasySet Pool.

Maintaining our above ground pool was a nightmare. It took hours of frustrating trial and error.

The only videos on YouTube were from the manufacture which are fine but not real life. They lacked so many details.

After struggling for a few years and trying everything under the sun I figured it out.

The good news is I documented it in this site and the EasySet Pool Care YouTube channel.

I did it for a few reasons. The first is so I could watch it and “refresh” my memory every year.

The second reason is to help you out.

It’s all free for you.

It has been a lot of fun and the feedback has been great. Thank you!

Can you do me a favor in return?

I pay for hosting of this website and in case you don’t know, making videos takes TONS of time.

I’ll spend a good hour or 2 recording and then another hour editing the video and uploading it to YouTube. Sorry they’re not more “Pro”.

I’m working on it. I use my phone for the camera. I think it does a pretty good job though!

Here’s where you can help…

You can help me out a LOT by using my links when you buy your pool supplies on Amazon.

I participate in their affiliate program. The prices are exactly the same as if you went straight to Amazon.

BUT instead of Amazon taking the entire 100% they’ll give me a very small percent when you use my link.

So, if you can do that I’d REALLY appreciate it!

Thanks for reading, watching and your support!