1. Hi there! Thanks so much for your helpful website! Could I just ask a question about the chlorine bobber thingy…you put it in when you first set up nd test the next day to make sure the pool has reached the right chlorine level as I understand. Do you then not put it in the pool again until you test the water again during your weekly maintenance? Do you ever have to shock the pool or use anything else or does the chlorine floater maintain your beautiful water all season long? Thanks from Australia!


    1. Hi Amber,

      The big part is starting with good water. We have our water delivered. It’s the same water that comes from our public water system. It’s good water to start with.

      After filling the pool I add a couple of chlorine tablets to the floating chlorine dispenser and forget about it. I let the floating dispenser in the pool all summer unless the pool gets too full of kids and it’s in the way.

      I’ll test the water once a week. I have been replacing the chlorine tablets as they dissolve. So if I start with 2 and the one is gone I’ll add another.

      The only time I shock the pool is if there has been a bunch of kids in it and the water is a bit cloudy. Usually the water only gets cloudy when kids put a bunch of lotion on and don’t wait until it dries before getting in the pool. Now that I figured that out, I make the kids wait 15 minutes after putting lotion on before they get in the pool. I have not had to shock the pool since doing that.

      Hope this helps!


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